Taxpayer Advocate Service: Your Voice at the IRS

National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report to Congress

The National Taxpayer Advocate’s Annual Report to Congress identifies the most serious problems facing taxpayers and recommends solutions to those problems. The infographics below display data from the report on topics such as the need for tax reform and the increasing problem of tax-related identity theft. Click each image to view the full version.

ID Theft Infographic: Graphic shows that the IRS burdens identity theft victims; that tax-related identity theft is growing at an alarming pace; that in fiscal year 2012 the IRS’s specialized ID theft unit saw a 78% spike in cases; since 2008, TAS has seen a 650% spike in these cases; that as of September 2012 the IRS had 650,000 unresolved identity theft cases; that victims must navigate the IRS bureaucracy and can end up in a burdensome financial situation; that 21 units of the IRS deal with different aspects of identity theft; that victims routinely wait six months to receive their refunds or have their issues resolved; and for many taxpayers, these delayed refunds are a significant portion of their annual income.

Adoption Credit Graphic: Graphic shows how the IRS audits a disproportionate share of returns claiming the adoption credit.  In 2012, the IRS audited 69% of these returns, yet eventually denied just 1.5% of the dollars claimed on these returns, meaning most of these families had their refunds needlessly delayed.

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