Taxpayer Advocate Service: Your Voice at the IRS

National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report to Congress

2013 Annual Report to Congress

2012 Annual Report to Congress Executive Summary

The National Taxpayer Advocate’s (NTA) Annual Report to Congress creates a dialogue within the IRS and the highest levels of government to address taxpayers’ problems, protect taxpayers’ rights, and ease taxpayers’ burden.

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The requirement to pay taxes is generally the most significant burden a government imposes on its citizens. The National Taxpayer Advocate believes the government has a practical and moral obligation to make compliance as simple and painless as possible. Simply put, without a stable funding stream and adequate resources to invest in the future, the IRS will fall short of fulfilling its mission to serve the U.S. taxpayer. The overriding strategic goal for this system should be to increase and maintain voluntary compliance. All IRS activities should be designed to further that goal.

- Nina Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate

Report Graphics

2013 Report Graphics

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In her preface, the National Taxpayer Advocate outlines a path to strengthening tax administration and improving voluntary tax compliance, setting forth a vision for the IRS in the 21st century.

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