FY 2016 Objectives Report To Congress

FY 2016 Objectives Report To Congress


FY 2015 has been very challenging for the IRS and incredibly difficult for taxpayers and their representatives, particularly in the area of taxpayer service. There is no doubt that the deficiencies in taxpayer service are substantially attributable to a lack of resources. Over the long term, temporary periods of limited funding can have the salutary effect of causing an organization to rethink its mission and allocate its resources more effectively. The IRS is, in fact, evaluating ways to accomplish its mission more cheaply. But from a taxpayer perspective, I am concerned its long-term approach is headed in the wrong direction.

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Selected Areas of Focus

Volume II

IRS Responses and National Taxpayer Advocate's Comments Regarding Most Serious Problems Identified in 2014 Annual Report to Congress

In her 2014 Annual Report to Congress the National Taxpayer Advocate identified, analyzed, and offered recommendations to assist the IRS and Congress in resolving 23 of the most serious problems (MSPs) encountered by taxpayers. She also made recommendations in conjunction with a study of IRS identity theft procedures. Volume II of this report includes the IRS formal comments on our recommendations, together with the National Taxpayer Advocate’s analysis of and responses to the comments. In this way, we retain full transparency regarding the IRS’s perspective on our recommendations to address the Most Serious Problems while still complying with the statutory protections.

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