We help individuals, businesses, and exempt organizations.

You may be eligible for our help if your IRS problem is causing financial difficulty or you believe an IRS procedure just isn't working as it should.

Our cases fall into four general categories:

  1. Where a taxpayer is experiencing some financial difficulty, emergency, or hardship, and the IRS needs to move much faster than it usually does (or even can) under its normal procedures. In those cases, time is of the essence. If the IRS doesn't act quickly (for example, to remove a levy or release a lien), the taxpayer will experience even more financial harm.
  2. Where many different IRS units and steps are involved, and the case needs a "coordinator" or "traffic cop" to make sure everyone does their part. TAS plays that role.
  3. Where the taxpayer has tried to resolve a problem through normal IRS channels but those channels have broken down.
  4. Where the taxpayer is presenting unique facts or issues (including legal issues), and the IRS is applying a "one size fits all" approach, isn’t listening to the taxpayer, or doesn’t recognize that it needs new guidance for those circumstances.

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Taxpayer Advocate Service Refocuses Workload [PDF]:  Our priority is always helping the taxpayers who need us most. There are certain types of issues where the IRS itself can generally provide the service the taxpayer needs, without our involvement. As a result, we limit our acceptance of these issues.