Congressman Helps Veteran Dead to the IRS Come "Back to Life" (Fox 28- Columbus, OH)

February 27, 2015

Ohio Congressman Steve Stivers worked with the Taxpayer Advocate Service to correct the records of a 94-year-old veteran, who the IRS had listed as dead.

COLUMBUS (Terri Sullivan) - A veteran declared dead by the IRS is once again alive.

ABC 6 first brought you the story of 94-year-old Siegfried Meinstein back in January.

He fought in World War II, but his latest victory is the one over the IRS, which said he was dead. 
His troubles began last April when his accountant tried to file his taxes online, and it was rejected because Meinstein was listed as deceased.
At the same time, the feds had some good news. He had a credit of $14,000, but they couldn't find his tax returns.

ABC6 on your side stepped in to help; the family just got the good news. 

"Finally this burden is off my shoulders and my trust in our system is restored," said Meinstein.

Ohio Congressman Steve Stivers (R) saw the story on ABC 6 and knew he could help the veteran with his situation.
The congressman reached out to the family, which gave him the okay to intervene.

Stivers' office said he worked with the Taxpayer Advocate Office, which is an independent office of the IRS that works to resolve IRS disputes. 
The Congressman said he wants to help anyone who is experiencing this issue, or any issue with the federal government.

They just need to contact his office.

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