IRS Gives Guidance on Verifying Identity In Case of Possible ID Theft

March 23, 2015

The IRS is sending out a letter (Letter 5071C) to taxpayers whose identities may have been compromised. If you get one of these letters, there are two ways to verify your identity – by calling the number on the letter, or by using the IRS’s online Identity Verification tool,

From the press release:

“The letter gives taxpayers two options to contact the IRS and confirm whether or not they filed the return. Taxpayers may use the site or call a toll-free number on the letter. Because of the high-volume on the toll-free numbers, the IRS-sponsored website,, is the safest, fastest option for taxpayers with web access.”

The site is only intended for people who have already received a letter from the IRS.

To prevent further possibilities of ID theft, remember:

  • The IRS will always send you a letter before calling and will never contact you by email.
  • Double-check the URL of a website before you enter any personal information – if you’re looking for an official government site, make sure it’s .gov.

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