New Taxpayer Advocacy Panel Members - They make sure IRS listens (Sacramento Bee)

March 18, 2015

The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, a group of citizen volunteers that works to improve IRS taxpayer service, announced its 2015 membership, which included two individuals from Sacramento, CA. The paper there, the Sacramento Bee, profiled these two new TAP members – Dawn Basciano and Larry Meade.

"Last year, the IRS had 400 applicants for its 29 openings, many of whom had no prior experience with tax issues, other than filing their return every year.

Dawn Basciano, a state Department of Public Health employee, considers the fact that she has no prior experience to be an advantage. 'Not having knowledge as a CPA is a plus. It means I’m approaching this as a lay person.'

She said she was googling the IRS Web page trying to find a local contact concerning her own tax return when she stumbled onto the TAP application. 'I found it absolutely amazing that there’s this group that the IRS listens to,' the native Sacramentan said.

Similarly, Larry Meade, an assistant program director for Americorps, said he was motivated to apply for TAP as a way to 'demystify a process' that’s confusing to many Americans. 'To know that we’re not employees of the IRS makes it more comfortable for people to share ideas,' Meade said. 'We are the conduit for that information.'"

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