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September 8, 2015

The National Taxpayer Advocate is convening the Inaugural International Conference on Taxpayer Rights in Washington, D.C., on November 18-19, 2015.

This ground-breaking conference will present panelists from around the world to explore how taxpayer rights globally serve as the foundation for effective tax administration.

Whether expressed though a taxpayer bill or charter of rights, or a declaration of human rights, governments have long recognized that providing taxpayers with assurances of fair treatment and respect and protections against government overreach further voluntary compliance. Current research is exploring the extent to which procedural justice encourages taxpayer's willingness to comply with tax laws and obligations.

Presentations by government officials, scholars, and practitioners will include:

  • The theory, principles, and sources of authority underlying taxpayer rights;
  • The role of transparency in promoting voluntary compliance;
  • The rights to confidentiality and privacy in an age of transparency;
  • The role of tax tribunals in protecting taxpayer rights;
  • Taxpayer protections and due process in tax assessment and collection;
  • The impact of taxpayer service on compliance;
  • The role of taxpayer advocates, defenders, and ombuds in protecting taxpayer rights and promoting voluntary compliance;
  • The challenges in “operationalizing” taxpayer rights in both mature and developing tax administrations.

The conference will also include remarks from IRS commissioner John Koskinen, and a keynote presentation by Erich Kirchler, Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology at the University of Vienna, on the impact of power and trust on taxpayer compliance behavior.

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This conference is co-sponsored by the American Bar Association Section of Taxation, the American College of Tax Counsel, the American Tax Policy Institute, the International Association of Tax Judges, and the International Fiscal Association – USA Branch. Tax Analysts is the publishing sponsor of the conference.