Resolving conflicts with healthcare information forms

March 10, 2016

To account for your health care coverage on your tax return, many insurers, employers and Marketplaces will send you a version of IRS Form 1095. This year, many taxpayers have questions because they are getting multiple forms with conflicting information.

There are several reasons why your 1095 information forms may conflict – the form itself might be incorrect, you may have had changes in your coverage during the year, you may have been determined to be eligible for government-sponsored insurance after enrolling in a qualified healthcare plan, or it’s possible you were covered under more than one system at the same time.

The IRS has published guidance for tax preparers on how to deal with these conflicts, but many of the steps to correct those problems you can make yourself. - Affordable Care Act - Return Preparer Best Practices Resolving Information Form 1095 Conflicts (March 4, 2016)

To prevent future issues, remember that it’s important to report any insurance coverage changes or other changes in circumstances to the Marketplace immediately.

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