Service helps people deal with the IRS (KMOV St. Louis)

April 3, 2015

A recent story on News 4 in St. Louis featured Local Taxpayer Advocate Peggy Guinn and Taxpayer Advocacy Panel Director Shelia Andrews. It let viewers know that TAS is there to help them with their issues with the IRS.

A service run by the IRS is making efforts to help those who have run into roadblocks trying to work out their issues with the agency. The Tax[payer] Advocate Service (TAS) works with people who have trouble dealing the IRS process of sorting out tax issues.

“Within every state there is a local taxpayer advocate by law. We help taxpayers resolve problems with the IRS that they have not been able to resolve on their own,” said Peggy Guinn, the head of the TAS in St. Louis. “We are the voice of the taxpayer but we are like the safety net.”

Watch the full story at Service helps people deal with the IRS [VIDEO]