Success Story: TAS's advocacy helps taxpayer get refund using wire deposit to a foreign bank account

September 6, 2019

Every year, the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) helps thousands of people with tax problems. This story is only one of many examples of how TAS helps resolve taxpayer’s tax issues. All personal details are removed to protect the taxpayer’s privacy.

The mission of TAS is to help taxpayers resolve problems with the IRS and recommend changes to prevent the problems. When constituents contact their congressional office for help with tax matter, TAS works closely with the congressional staff member to assist in the resolution.
In this case, the taxpayer was living overseas where their foreign bank had changed its policy for cashing checks, and consequently the taxpayer could not cash his IRS refund check. The taxpayer returned the refund check to the IRS but wasn’t successful in getting it reissued as a direct deposit. The taxpayer then contacted his congressional office for help.
The taxpayer’s congressional representative contacted TAS for assistance in getting the taxpayer’s tax refund reissued to a bank account. The case advocate quickly determined that the usual method for reissuing a check as a direct deposit wouldn’t work because the foreign bank and routing account numbers weren’t universal – but the case advocate did not give up. The case advocate began an extensive research and investigative process and determined that an alternative approach of a wire deposit could be used in this situation. It took just one day after discovering this process for the taxpayer to successfully receive the refund in his bank account.

When working with the Taxpayer Advocate Service, each individual or business taxpayer is assigned to an advocate who listens to the problem and helps the taxpayer understand what needs to be done to resolve their tax issue. TAS advocates will do everything they can to help taxpayers and work with them every step of the way. Occasionally TAS features stories of taxpayers and advocates who work together to resolve complex tax issues. Read more TAS success stories.

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