TAS Helps Taxpayer Receive EITC

November 19, 2015

Every year, the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) helps thousands of people with tax problems. All personal details are removed to protect the privacy of the taxpayer.

Two taxpayers claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for the same dependents. This created a complicated case that required TAS’s advocates to use all their knowledge to figure out who was actually eligible for the credit. Based on the EITC rules, the taxpayer who came to TAS for help should have received the credit. However, the case advocate needed one missing piece of information -- a court-ordered custody agreement. The taxpayer promised to provide the information but did not send it or respond to a follow-up letter and phone calls. The case advocate did not give up and made one more contact to the taxpayer – who, as it turned out, had been out of town due to a family illness. The taxpayer quickly faxed in the information and the case advocate promptly shared it with the IRS, successfully advocating for the EITC and granting the taxpayer his refund.

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When working with the Taxpayer Advocate Service, each individual or business taxpayer is assigned to an advocate who listens to the problem and helps the taxpayer understand what needs to be done to fix it. TAS advocates will do everything they can to get the problems resolved and will stay with the taxpayers every step of the way. Occasionally we feature stories of taxpayers and advocates who worked together to resolve complex tax issues. Read more TAS success stories.