Tax Professionals Get Assistance Resolving Tough Cases at the Tax Forums

August 2, 2016

The summer heat outside may be stifling, but inside the Case Resolution Program at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums, dedicated IRS employees are keeping their cool and producing truly excellent results. The Case Resolution Program, a highlight of the annual Nationwide Tax Forums for many tax professionals, allows practitioners to bring their “toughest cases” to be worked onsite.  Taxpayer Advocate Service coordinates the cross-functional program and provides staff to support the program, alongside other IRS functions, such as Wage & Investment and Small Business/Self Employed.

It's not just the assistors onsite working to help the practitioners attending the forums. There are designated employees available throughout the country by phone to help assistors resolve the cases. The on-call assistors include representatives from many IRS functions, as well as TAS technical advisors.

The philosophy of those working in the Case Resolution Program is simple – look at each case with an eye toward advocacy and if there is a way to help the taxpayer, let’s do it. With that philosophy and hard work, 238 practitioners received help with their toughest cases in Chicago and New Orleans.

If you are a practitioner who needs continuing education credits and have a case, you need assistance with, plan to attend one of the remaining tax forums.  Be sure to bring your Power of Attorney and any documents to the Case Resolution Program, to resolve your toughest case.

Check out where the nearest IRS Nationwide Tax Forums is this summer.