The 2016 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums a huge success for TAS

December 14, 2016

Each year, the IRS sponsors the Nationwide Tax Forums, a three-day series of tax education and networking conferences for tax professionals in cities around the country.

The 2016 Forums featured the latest information from the IRS, news about tax law changes, a chance to meet with software vendors, and the opportunity to attend seminars presented by IRS and TAS employees in addition to members of professional associations.
TAS offered three seminars, oversaw the Case Resolution Program and held two focus groups. The TAS seminars were well received, with seventy-five percent of the practitioners choosing to attend the TAS presentations and over 2,300 choosing Advocating for your Clients Using the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The TAS seminar topics included:

  • Advocating for Your Client Using the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR). This presentation discussed the history of TBOR, including the recent codification in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). It included examples of how to use these rights to effectively advocate for your clients. If you missed this seminar, you can still take this seminar for credit; visit the IRS Tax Forum Online.

  • Advocating for Your Client in Cases Involving Penalty Issues. This presentation discussed several types of tax penalties that were litigated in the courts as described in the “Most Litigated Issues” section of the National Taxpayer Advocate's 2015 Annual Report to Congress. It covered the legal requirements for imposition of the accuracy related, failure to file and pay, and frivolous penalties. It provided tips for advocating for the abatement of these penalties.

  • Advocating in Gross Income and Trade and Business Expense. This presentation discussed the laws related to gross income and trade and business expenses, examined recent court cases, and explored additional information helpful in advocating for your clients.

Case Resolution Program

This year practitioners brought their toughest unresolved IRS case (one case per tax business) to the Case Resolution Program (CRP).  IRS and TAS representatives with specialized expertise were available to meet with the practitioners one-on-one to discuss their case.  
I just used Case resolution program to resolve a problem I had been trying to resolve for over 10 months, she got it done in 20 minutes,” stated one practitioner.
Please make plans to join us next year and bring your toughest case.  Remember, you must present a signed original or copy of your Power of Attorney to schedule the appointment.
Focus Groups

TAS hosted two focus groups this year at all five locations and practitioners were eager to give TAS their views. The topics included IRS Future State Initiative and Timing of Refunds. The National Taxpayer Advocate is very interested in the practitioner’s opinions on these topics and how TAS can advocate for taxpayers in this changing environment.

Look for your opportunity to sign up for the 2017 Tax Forums in the spring. We look forward to seeing you.