Two new videos feature our Taxpayer Advocate Service Affordable Care Act estimators

September 1, 2016

Two new videos are now available that provide a brief overview of the four available Affordable Care Act (ACA) estimator tools. All of the easy-to-use ACA estimators are designed to help you estimate ACA related credits and payments.

The videos separate the estimator overviews by audience: one for individuals covering the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment and the Premium Tax Credit Change estimators; and one for businesses that cover the Small Business Healthcare Tax Credit and the Employer Shared Responsibility Payment estimators.

These videos are available on the TAS YouTube channel, via links on the Taxpayer Advocate website, in the side menu within each corresponding Estimator.

The direct YouTube links are:

Each video highlights the purpose of each estimator, provides a short overview of how they are set up and recommends steps to follow prior to using the actual estimator itself. Both are only about two minutes in length, each.

So take a couple of minutes to see if any of these tools can help you plan ahead or help you understand what each tax provision means, if they apply to you, what you’ll need when you go to prepare your tax return and which forms or schedules you will need to complete to claim each credit or payment.